Diamond Painting Kits

Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting Kits – High-quality Collection D’ Art Kits

Needle Woman brings you the Collection D’Art range of Diamond Embroidery Painting – a very trendy product in the world of craft. We would love you to join us in the discovery of the very addictive and exciting art of embroidery with diamond-shaped sparkles.

An item embroidered (or painted) with sparkles looks like a skillfully created bead embroidery design, but the work is performed without a needle or thread and without learning a special skill!

Diamond Painting Kit


A New Addictive Hobby

Simplicity makes this art an accessible handiwork for anyone. The finished work:

  • never loses its colour or quality;
  • has a unique texture and relief on an embroidered canvas making it utterly realistic; and
  • has a wide colour and shade range, creating a 3D effect.

Diamond Embroidery Painting is affordable, simple and relaxing, working on a new picture will give you a great boost of positive energy. BUT be warned – this stuff is highly ADDICTIVE………………

The kits come in various sizes:

  • 70 x 48 cm; 70 x 38 cm; 48 x 38 cm; 38 x 38 cm; 38 x 27 cm and 27 x 19 cm











The high-quality Diamond Dot Painting Package Includes:

  • Adhesive canvas with assembly chart
  • 2 containers
  • Pincers and stick with dry glue
  • Re-usable zip lock bags
  • Sparkles with +20% extra
  • Instruction in 8 languages


Needle Woman has a great selection of over 30 diamond dot painting designs. Get your high-quality diamond dot embroidery kit today! Simply order from the secure trusted Needle Woman online store or alternatively contact us to find out more……


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