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Mill Hill Bead Descriptions:

Seed Beads: Seed beads are small beads that are almost round in shape.  Seed Beads range in size 15/0 (Petite Glass Beads ) to size 11/0 (Glass Seed Beads, Antique Glass Seed Beads, Frosted Glass Seed Beads and Crayon Beads ).

Magnifica Beads:  Magnifica beads are cylindrical beads with large holes and thin walls.  They are very uniform in size and shape.  Most commonly used in Bead Weaving.

Bugle Beads:  Bugle beads are cut glass cane in a variety of colors and finishes.  The diameter of the bugle beads is 2.5 mm and equivalent to a size 11/0 seed bead.

Pebble Beads:  Pebble Beads are large beads, almost round in shape. 
They are 5.5 mm in size, equivalent to a size 3/0 bead.

Pony Beads:  Pony beads include size 6/0 and 8/0 beads. 
They are mostly used for knitting and crocheting.

Bead Sizes:
Beads are measured across at the widest point on the outside of the bead.
Glass Seed Beads are: 2.5 mm Seed Bead
Glass Magnifica Beads are: 2.25 mm Magnifica Bead
Glass Small Bugle Beads are: 2.5 mm & 6 mm Long Small Bugle Bead
Glass Medium Bugle Beads are: 2.5 mm & 9 mm Long Medium Bugle Bead
Glass Large Bugle Beads are: 2.5 mm & 14 mm Long Large Bugle Bead
Petite Glass Seed Beads are: 2 mm Petite Seed Bead
Mill Hill Glass Pebble Beads are: 5.5 mm Pebble Bead
Mill Hill Pony Beads size 6/0 are: 4mm Pony Bead 6/0
Mill Hill Pony Beads size 8/0 are: 3mm Pony Bead 8/0

( Beads shown are not actual size.)